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Compounding - The Tradition and Science of Pharmacy

What Is Compounding?

Compounding is the customized preparation of a medication for a patient by a licensed professional trained in the science of pharmaceutics, the pharmacist. Dating back to the origins of pharmacy, compounding has recently returned to its rightful place as a cornerstone of the profession. With over 30 years of experience, the pharmacists at Silicon Valley Pharmacy work with your doctors to individualize your medication regimen.

Who Needs Compounded Medications?

A patient may need a medication that is not made by a pharmaceutical manufacturer. For example, a patient may be allergic to a preservative or dye or may need a strength or dosage form that is not commercially available. The fact that over 20% of all medications prescribed in the USA are for off label uses demonstrates that there are many more uses for medications than the original FDA approved ones. It is estimated that compounded medications comprise 1% of all medications prescribed. A better gauge is to ask, how can this medication regimen be improved? A custom prescription - a compounded medication - may be the answer!

Do All Pharmacies Offer Compounding Services?

While all pharmacies prepare at least simple compounds, the training and experience of the compounding pharmacist is critical, just as the training and experience of a surgeon you would select to perform an operation. The pharmacists at Silicon Valley Pharmacy have decades of compounding experience in both hospital and community settings. With thousands of satisfied patients, we are well known and respected in the medical community as skilled experts in our profession.

What Kinds Of Compounds Can Be Prepared?

Silicon Valley Pharmacy prepares a wide variety of medications and dosage forms. Using FDA approved active pharmaceutical ingredients, we can prepare injectables, eye drops, capsules, troches, suppositories, sprays, lollipops, transdermal gels, lotions, and creams to name a few. Applications include virtually all medical specialties including Hormonal Replacement Therapy, Dentistry, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Dermatology. The application of compounding to all medical practices is limited only by the needs of the patient and the ingenuity of the practitioner.

What Can Silicon Valley Pharmacy Compound For You?